Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update, finally!

Hello friends and family. We are still alive and kicking. Life is good. Somewhat crazy, but good! We have had a busy time the past few months. Jaclyn has been on a steady stream of ICU months the past few months, and chasing Lilly around has become more than a full time job! We have been blessed with some incredible support which makes this crazy journey so fun. After some gentle ribbing from some good friends (you know who you are), I will try to post a little more often. I realize nobody really cares about what I say, most of you just want to see pictures of Lilly, so here they are. As you can see, she is growing up so fast! She amazes us every single day. The latest trick, she bust out into a full rendition of "Old B. Donnel" yesterday, somehow the only real animal he has is a cow...every now and then a pig finds its way into the mix. I've been trying to capture this on video, but whenever I bust out the camera, she stops singing and says, "I see Lilly!" Here are some pictures from last week taken with some good friends, the Sommervilles!
Lilly and Caroline reading books together


Kathryn said...

What a beautiful, smart little lady! She takes after her parents:)!!

Anca said...

Lily is SO precious! Miss seeing you guys. Hope all is well.